Sunday, April 11, 2010

my conversation with spike lee

today, i was walking around new york when all of a sudden something magical happened.  i'm standing on the island with the cube on it around astor place waiting for the street light to change when i see this man decked out in yankee attire.  he had the jacket with all the years they'd won the championship an a classic yankees cap.  he also had a customized pair of beats by dre headphones around his neck.  this pair was special because they were made of white and blue plastic and had the classic "ny" yankees logo on each side.  when i got closer to him, i realized it was spike lee, the famous film director.  feeling courageous, i went up to him and said, "those are sick headphones" to which he responded, "thanks man, they sound great".  at this point, the intersection was clear and the light changed so he began to walk away.  even though it was brief, i got to speak with spike lee.


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