Tuesday, April 6, 2010

atoms for peace

tonight chris and i went to see thom yorke's new band, atoms for peace, play in new york.  a few years ago, thom yorke wrote a solo album called the eraser which consists of 10 songs with low-key beats, minimalist techno influences, and of course his hauntingly beautiful voice.  as radiohead is inbetween albums right now, thom decided to go on a small tour and play theses songs live for the first time.  he recruited flea from the red hot chili peppers (my favorite band) to be his bassist and nigel godrich (radiohead's producer) to play keyboards and guitar.  he played the entire album and then followed it up with a few random songs, including everything in its right place by radiohead.  it was a great show (although it only lasted an hour and a half) and awesome to see such a unique lineup perform an album that many thought they would never hear live.

thom yorke + flea (with blue hair)


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