Friday, March 19, 2010

walking the brooklyn bridge

spending my spring break in new york has allowed me the time to do the things in the city i've been wanting to do but haven't had the time to.  for months i've wanted to walk across the brooklyn bridge but i've always been too busy or too scared of the cold to do so.  since it was 70 degrees out today, it was the  perfect opportunity to do so.  we planned to eat at grimaldi's pizza, located at the base of the bridge on the brooklyn side, but the line stretched all the way down the block and was too long.  in walking the bridge, it's best to take the subway to brooklyn then walk from there towards manhattan so you can admire the skyline while you walk.  below are a few pictures i took.  

the entourage 

from the ground

skyscraper national park, view of midtown

john lennon memorial

today I visited the john lennon memorial in central park.  it is located near the 72nd street entrance on the west side of the park.  the part of the park the memorial is located in was named strawberry fields and is right across the street from where john lennon and yoko lived. when we were there, there were a few musicians playing old Beatles songs on acoustic guitars in memory.  it was a pretty powerful experience to see so many people still stopping by and paying their respects even after john lennon died 30 years ago.  

the part of central park where the memorial is, near the west 72nd entrance

the dakota, the building john lennon lived in and was shot outside of.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

american museum of natural history

what a cool museum !
i finally made it to the natural history museum after wanting to go for quite some time.  they had everything you could ever want out of such a museum.  of course, they had a a huge exhibit of dioramas depicting scenes of ancient life and panoramic landscapes filled with model animals and humans.  that kind of thing didn't really interest me though.  when I go to museums i like to see things you know you can't really see anywhere else.  giant dinosaur skeletons and 

huge tyrannosaurus rex skeleton!

star of india, largest sapphire in the world (golfball-sized)

a huge meteorite, weighing in at 5.5 tons.

life-sized model of a blue whale

a shot of the new planetarium and space center from outside the museum.

central park!

view of midtown from the great lawn

the house where the royal tenenbaums by wes anderson was filmed

located in harlem at 144th street.

momofuku noodle bar

steak, egg, & toast

ramen (what I ordered)

midtown buildings

Monday, March 15, 2010

lombardi's pizza (best in new york) !

a few shots from madison square

shake shack + metlife clock tower

flatiron building

metlife clocktower & 1 madison park through the trees