Sunday, January 3, 2010

real life, part II

this story takes place on my flight home from new york back to california for christmas

since i was flying home on the 22nd, my flight was completely full.  i was lucky enough to get an aisle seat even though it was in the second to last row of the plane.  i took my seat and was listening to my ipod when a middle aged man traveling with his 5 year old son approached me, beginning to explain his situation.  for some reason he was only able to get two middle seats on the flight, in the same row as mine but across the aisle from each other.  of course, he didn't want his young son to sit alone for the 6 hour flight so he asked me if i would mind switching into one of his middle seats.  i hesitated at first at giving up my aisle seat but quickly realized that a child that young shouldn't fly separate from his parent.  i took the middle seat on the other side of the aisle and the father took my seat and his child took the other middle seat.  the father thanked me and the flight went by like any other.  at the baggage claim, as i was waiting for my bag to appear, the father approached me again and casually tossed a crumpled up bill onto the book i was reading.  he told me to buy something nice and to have a merry christmas.  by the time i realized the denomination of the bill, which was $100, and tried to give it back saying it was too much, the father was quickly walking away, refusing to accept the gift back.  all i could do was watch as he jumped in his mercedes and drove away with his child. nbd.


Aalok said...

Stern in real life, Part 3... no wait I did that incorrectly. I am supposed to forgo all capitalizations...

let me start again (already doing the no CAPS)

"stern in real life, part III

this story takes place in real life as opposed to the one I live in.

i began my second semester at stern with a revamped "make bank in new york" attitude. Then, on the first monday back in town, I realized something with the aid of fellow 14_ _ ers. Something profound.

I ain't stern enough yo.

i fail at farmville, i fail at being a true stern.

ride on man, ride on.

~Guest post by Aalok Patel

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